Jelurida Africa Will Launch East Africa Blockchain Expedition To Boost Blockchain Adoption In The Region
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Jelurida Africa, a group of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) experts based in East and West Africa, has announced it will be kicking off its East Africa Blockchain Expedition on October 23rd to educate local leaders on the benefits and latest advancements of the technology.

Africa is one of the hottest markets for cryptos, with Nigeria leading adoption on the African continent. South Africa and Kenya are also very crypto-friendly, and other nations are likely to adopt cryptos as the infrastructure develops.

Jelurida is taking the initiative to make more Africans aware of cryptos, and will be promoting cryptos in a number of African nations.

Boosting Blockchain Adoption In The Cradle of Humankind

With blockchain technology continuing to grow as one of the most disrupting technologies in recent times, the expedition will be looking to connect East Africa residents with some of the leaders in the field.

Not only will participants expand their knowledge on the topic but also obtain blockchain certifications to widen their professional horizons. Most people have the ability to use cryptos now, as smartphones of some form are extremely common.

However, many people may not understand how to use cryptos, and need a little help learning about how easy they are to use as money.

The expedition will start on October 23rd in Ethiopia and end in Tanzania on November 24th. During this period, the expedition will schedule meetings, meetups, and on-site training in these countries as well as in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.

The 30-day tour is expected to empower local entrepreneurs, developers, officials, and companies to adopt blockchain technology, becoming active players in the development of the technology of the future.

With cryptocurrency adoption increasing by over 1200% over the last year, education efforts that allow residents to understand the technology behind the digital currencies is essential.

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